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Check in. 30 Sep 2015 9:01:21 PM By ultimacloud

Hey, someone unban my account. Didn't realize I was on a request ban.

I would like to come in and check the game out.

Also, please reappoint FireCloud as a GP.
There was an issue regarding this that has since been taken care of.
Thanks guys.

Infunity resurrected 21 Sep 2014 7:38:14 AM By Unreality

Since Beware has stopped hosting Exfunity, and my terms with him is that if he no longer host the game, then I will able to make mine online again.

So here it is, the undead Infunity <img src=''>

Infunity has now been upgraded to Exfunity! 30 Dec 2011 5:34:18 AM By Unreality

Infunity has now been upgraded to Exfunity!

Many of you may have been wondering about the news of Exfunity. Yes it is a new version of Infunity with continuous update and development from the team of the player Beware. His team has proved that they are the most suitable people to handle the development of Exfunity as we all can see from his daily updated work at

If you haven't seen the amazing works that he has put on the game, please kindly goto to have a look now!

In this case for the best of infunity I have decided to let him to run this game and have him taken good care for this game. I have also sold and passed the ownership to him. Please continue your support from infunity to exfunity

Play it now! [url:b3gua5ya][/url:b3gua5ya]

I love everyone of you and I hope all of you will have fun playing @ exfunity

You can add my facebook at so that we can maintain our friendship

Thanks <img src=''>

Infunity Server Maintenance HKT 1pm-3pm 11 DEC 20 2011 11 Dec 2011 9:38:17 PM By Unreality

Infunity Server Maintenance HKT 1pm-3pm 11 DEC 2011

Sorry for any inconvenience caused

Many thanks to all players who are still sticking around 07 Nov 2011 1:10:40 AM By Unreality

Many thanks to all players who are still sticking around <img src=''>

I know many of you love SSF and hope to see it improves, so I have made some important steps by letting the top tier to get involve into the Infunity development.

I hope you guys can stay and help to make a better SSF! Many thanks to every single one of you! <img src=''>

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